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                             Plan for the year 2017






 Walk and   lunch


 20th March.  24th April. 15th May.  19th June.  17th July.  21st August.  18th Sept.  16th Oct. 20th Nov. 18th Dec.

 Outside Iceland Honiton.

12pm- 2pm.

 Bring money for lunch          .




5th April.   3rd May 7th June 5th July 2nd August 6th Sept 4th Oct.  1st Nov.  6th Dec.

First and Last pub Exmouth 12pm-2.

           Pasty £2

Bring money for drinks

Ottery Speaking Up Group

12th April.  10th May.14th June.  12th July.

9th August.  13th September. 11th Oct

8th Nov. 13th Dec.

Volunteer Pub

Ottery St Mary


Exmouth Speaking Up Group



30th March.  27th April.  25th May.  29th June. 27th July. 31st August. 28th September. 26th October. 30th November.

First and Last Pub



  7- 8pm

Honiton Speaking Up Group


6th March.  3rd April.  8th May.  5th June.  3rd July.7th August.  4th Sept.  2nd Oct.  6th Nov. 4th Dec.

The Beehive



Knit and natter


27th March.  24th April.  26th June.  24th July.  25th September. 23rd October. 27th November.

The Beehive


10am – 12pm

Please bring needles and wool.





Chain of Events


4th March.  1st April.  6th May.  3rd June.  1st July.  5th August. 2nd Sept. 7th Oct. 4th   Nov. 2nd Dec.

The Courtenay Centre


  Newton Abbot.   

  10 – 2pm


Kingsbridge Coffee and Chat



10th April. 15th May. 5th June. 10th July.  7th August.  4th September.  2nd Oct.  6th Nov.  4th Dec.

115 Fore Street


10 -11.30am






The Beehive
Dowell Street