The Devon Autism Card was started by a dedicated group of people interested in supporting people on the Autistic spectrum. The card tells the emergency services that they may need to change their approach because the card holder is Autistic.

The Autism Alert Card is available for anyone who feels they are on the Autistic Spectrum.
There is no requirement for an official diagnosis or Doctors letter because the card provides no additional benefit other than to inform someone that the holder is Autistic. It is hoped the card will enable others to recognise the need to change their approach or behaviours in a way that supports the card holder.
To obtain a card, all you need to do is send us your name and address and we will make sure one is sent out to you.
When you receive your card, please fill in the details on the reverse of the card.

We understand that sometimes cards get lost and there is no charge for a replacement.

If you would like a card please contact us on 01404 41235 and leave a message or email us on

The Beehive
Dowell Street